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Affiliate Marketing Success With Tich

Domain Registration

They are plenty of domain hosting sites out there and they are getting cheaper as more and more companies enter the space. I have only highlighted the ones that I have used before and seem to work well with almost 99.9% uptime and good customer support.

Of late I have changed to Three In One Hosting as it appealed to me in that they have low fees and you pay once every 3 years.

I recommend that you go with the "Unlimited Plan" for 3 years that gives you hosting for an unlimited number of custom domains.

I have not had any issues with this company but like the fact that I don't have to worry about monthly fees and their hosting is way cheaper than any that I have tried before.

You need to check the sales page so you can see the benefits for yourself before making a purchasing decision.

Domain Registration Tip

You can either register a domain in your name or niche keyword related domain.

So you have to do a little bit of research here. Spend some time researching the name that best represents your brand.

If you want to short lessons on domain research and registration, click the lesson below and I will send you lessons via email and I will guide you through this process step by step.