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Estage Acadmey shows you how to build your own authoritative blog that will make you an expert in your niche. 

Had I given up... you wouldn't be reading this page!

...just as in the bible it is written.

From that special place where you're standing,

You got to have some kind of understanding".

These are the lyrics of a song I was creating. It came to me when I was taking a shower one day and it sounded so great in my head.

I sang it over and over again.

When I got out of the shower, I got hold of my samsung cellphone and recorded it so I won't forget it.

In fact, many years and after emigrating to Canada, I became a bass player in Toronto and currently play with a band that is pretty much known in much of the Toronto music scene. I simply love music. Period!

I'm just a regular dude who does regular things. I was born a big dreamer and have to some extent achieved some of them.

For instance, I wanted to be a musician from since I was young. Many people told me I was just wasting my time. But I never stopped dreaming.

Life happened.

My mum wanted me to get myself an education and forget about singing or music. There was no career in that... she used to say.

I graduated with a college degree in the social sciences and got the dream job of my life. 

I was young, vibrant, full of ideas and was working at one of the most prestigious corporations in the country.

I did some amazing things in my job that got the attention of senior managers and the people I served in general.

I was a change agent and people loved it. 

Still, I had a dream to be a musician.

One day in 1997 while in Indianapolis on a broadcasting internship program, I bought an acoustic guitar and a guitar learning tutorial video.

Back then at the time, I used to learn to play my guitar during my lunch breaks.  

"Tich, you're too old"

"Tich this is not for you"

"Hey you don't have the talent for music...forget it"

"Tich, you have a good career, why you want to ruin it"

This is all I ever heard my friends & family tell me all the time. I never gave up.

Had I listened to those people, I would not be here playing in a solid band today.

In fact, as a bass player, I get hired by other musicians to backfill for their bass players whenever they can't make the schedule.

The point of my story is that you need to dream big.

Go after your dreams with every ounce of energy you have. Don't listen to any negative advice. Just keep pushing. If you fall get up. When you fall again, get up again.

It's ok. Just remember that you're failing your way to success.

When I came to Canada, life wasn't rosy. I had some days that I seriously doubted my decision.

Here I was, working in a factory job for a minimum wage.

I was beyond disillusioned.

But I had to make a change. I had to make myself matter.

Back then, I was sweeping floors & equipment in a bakery. I found myself loving what I was doing. Then I started to do my own projects to see how we could cut down on production waste.

It was huge.

Being from Africa I thought this was just wasteful. Many people die of hunger every day somewhere in a third world country.

I learned to be persuasive in order to get my colleagues on board. I would tell them all the benefits they would derive from reduced waste.

The only tools I had were a notebook, pen & calculator.

I used some of the soft skills from my previous job that were transferable to my current job.

People around me started noticing.

Other associates hated me for doing this. Their fear was that everyone would be forced to do more as a result of my projects.

I had a torrid time pushing these projects. It was a unionized environment and my fellow workers were not too pleased.

I pushed forward. I was called names. I was isolated. In my mind, they were going to have to kill me in order to stop me. I was resolute.

I did not stop.

Over time I heard learned not to listen to negative energy or advice or whatever it is you wanna call it.

What followed my projects was me getting promoted through several positions until I became a production supervisor.

Since then I have scaled on the projects I did for the company.

Saving them millions in dollars over the years.

However, my salary was growing at snail pace level. I could not do this until my retirement. There had to be a way.

I was actively looking for ways to make more money So I turned to online marketing. 

This was after my short stint with a famous MLM company in North America.

A friend of mine had introduced me to a Multi-Level Marketing company ACN. It was in the telecommunications industry.

I was pumped up. I bought motivational books,  I attended events & seminars, I was holding meetings with prospects at my apartment building.

It was rough and tough and never made a sale doing that business. That was also the first time I became reckless with my credit card and essentially got broke.

So I quit.

What I didn't quit on was the idea that I could make money from home using the internet.

It was not as easy as I would soon discover.

I bought program after program, lost over $10 K buying shiny products that are still on my desktop till this day.

To see how many of those products I bought just from JV Zoo alone click here

Maybe I will get to re-purpose some of these later on. Not sure though.

I would see others get successful on Wealthy Affiliate. I had been a member of for over 14 months before leaving them.

I followed Eric Helmut's free online tutorials. I was then hooked on to Omar Martin and many others.

Omar Martin was the first person I ever heard saying "money should not have to be part of the equation"

By this, he meant that money should always be there and that Internet Marketing was the fastest avenue for anyone to quit a nine-to-five job and make more money even while sleeping.

This was damn attractive. I was hungry for success,

Yet I was going in circles and winding up on the same place I started from.

It was failure after failure after failure.

Yet still, I never quit.

I knew what the alternative was. Getting stuck in the 9-to-5 routine as much as the 96% plus of the world's population.

I wasn't going to accept this reality. I had done many successful things in my life.

So why wasn't this working for me?

I just didn't know why it wasn't working for me.

Others were getting successful and making as much $5k monthly in affiliate commissions.

I just don't understand why I never lost hope. Many people would have quit by then. Especially after blowing $10K on shiny products.

What helped me the most was reading Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. You can download a copy by scrolling on the top right on desktop or scrolling to the bottom if you're on mobile.

It's absolutely free and a must-have for all people who want to be successful at anything they want to try their hand on.

This book fundamentally changed how I looked at everything.

I knew my success would come only if I found a coach.

One who was already living the life I desired.

I tried one after the other based on the little money I had.

It wasn't working for me. I was still getting stuck as most assumed I know something about websites and making money online.

Then I came across Builderall. It's hosting, it's a page builder and it comes with literally all the tools an online marketer will ever need for their online business.

It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I was learning how to make money with their opportunity, which is huge and amazing.

The good thing also is that they have a massive business opportunity that's helping tons of people making thousands in monthly commissions as independent business operators.

They have a free trial account. I suggest you check them out.

I use their hosting and I personally think their page builder is the best right now.

You can build any page, sales funnel, opt-in page, landing page. You name they have it under one roof. 

This website was built with Builderall.

It's a free form website builder that gives me more freedom to be creative and build my pages how I want.

Back to my story...

What turned things around for me was a post by a fellow Builderall member who introduced me to 4% Success Challenge.

This was it. This was what I was looking for all along.

Here is a guy who knew how to connect with a beginner and teaches in simple ways that make it literally like a walk in the park.

Vick shows you literally everything.

He never assumes you know a thing about affiliate marketing.

This is what finally turned the corner for me.

Being on the Challenge was not easy for me. I was broke and in huge debt. In my heart, I knew this was the program to help me get successful.

I had to find the money to invest in this program.

Think & Grow Rich had changed my mindset. Investing in the Success challenge was not a cost but an investment.

Having this mindset opened my mind to ideas of how I could try to afford this program.

Trust me, when you begin to see this as an investment in your personal development, Doors will just open for you. I never believed this but I now know for a fact that everything starts right inside your brain. In your subconscious mind.

Finding the money for this was not easy at first but to my surprise, doors did open for me and in short order.

This program has taught everything else that you see on this website Taking action and implementing things taught has made a difference in my life.

My only recommendation to you is that if you ever thought of making money online, this is the program that will get you there. It is the only one of it's kind in the world today.

There are over 300 K students learning with most of them making a minimum of 1K per month.

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The question that had always been on my mind was " if I quit what would be my alternative?"

The answer was sobering. 9 to 5 grind - trading hours for money!  I wasn't going to quit on my dreams. No way.

So I started to act as though it were impossible to fail.

If it took Thomas Edison 1000 tries to light the bulb, I have surely not failed enough to justify my return to mediocrity.